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Lusine Releases Arterial Reworks

Lusine Releases Arterial Reworks on Cone Magazine

Ghostly Internationals Lusine will release a Remix EP featuring Telefon Tel Aviv, MOORS and The Sight Below.

Lusine releases Arterial Reworks on Cone Magazine

The last thing anyone would have expected to succeed Jeff McIlwain’s (a.k.a Lusine) Arterial EP was a record of reworks, but the reasons resulting in said EP were unconventional to say the least. After fellow Seattleite Rafael Anton Irisarri had all of his music gear stolen from a moving truck the night before he left for New York, Ghostly arranged an Indiegogo campaign, in an effort to raise some cash which could be used to attempt to rebuild his studio.

Music aficionado’s worldwide contributed what they could to support the cause, including Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, who committed to producing a remix for a select individual who contributed to the cause. That backer came through, requesting that Eustis work his magic on the title track of Lusine’s 2014 record. Telefon Tel Aviv’s remix was the first domino to fall, triggering contributions from Rafael Anton Irisarri’s The Sight Below alias as well as a remix from LA duo Moors. Both of these tracks will feature on the four-track Arterial Reworks EP.

Granted, this record is yet another opportunity for Lusine to showcase his unquestionable talent alongside 3 painstakingly crafted reconstructions. But it is undoubtedly more than that. Arterial Reworks is an amalgamation of what the music scene represents, people offering support to those who need it most, and in return, being rewarded with this piece of electronic music which is dripping with gratitude.

The EP was released on April 6th, 2015.


1) Arterial (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)

2) Arterial (MOORS Remix)

3) Arterial (The Sight Below Remix)

4) Arterial

Arterial Reworks available for purchase here


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