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IliJa Rudman to release new EP Higher Ground on Burek

LLija Rudman - Higher Ground EP on Cone M

Croatian record label Burek return fro their 12th release with the Croatian born Ilija Rudman.

Llija Rudman has been on the underground dance circuit for over a decade now, with an enormous back catalogue of over 40 EP’s .

His latest EP Higher Ground features 3 sort of veers away from the rather unfocussed style he usually goes for. The result here is a more refined almost balearic style house record.

Higher Ground is Rudman’s solo project, whereas the two other tracks are co-produced by Boyd H. Jarvis, an American producer credited to numerous 12” on classic labels such as Trax Records, King Street Sounds, Movin’ Records and Dance Tracks. 


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