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Interview: DJ W!ld – “I’m A Naughty Boy With A Big Heart.”

DJ W!ld interview with Cone Magazine

Deep, dark, sexy, acid house is what best describes the sound of the French Circo Loco resident Dj W!ld.

Contriving his name from the 1983 film Wild Style, with influences in hip hop and graffiti, he dedicated his focus to electronic music production amidst the frenetic aura of the French Touch movement in the 90’s.

Dj W!ld’s previous work has seen him bridge the gap between music and fashion, having produced beats for catwalk shows by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix and Thierry Muglar. His other accomplishments include forging a strong alliance with Chris Carrier back at the turn of the millennium to start production duo and label, Catwash, which has received praise from artists like Andrew Weatherall and Ricardo Villalobos. After also launching his own label ,W, he then went on to release his debut album Palace and last years enormous 27 track LP When You Feel Me.

“Parisian clubs are getting better but they are less crazy than the British ones”

Ahead of DJ W!ld’s upcoming live performance at Motion Bristol this month, we caught up with the man himself to chat about France, Bristol and why he is such a naughty boy!


Jenny: Paris seems like a very sexy, underground place, would you say it was the main influence on your sound?

DJ W!ld: You have many different aspects to the scene in Paris but I’m not sure that it is my main influence, not even the crazy, sexiest and dirtiest parts of it. My main influences back in the day was proper techno parties and house music in gay clubs.

Jenny: What are your other influences?

DJ W!ld: I’ve travelled so much that my influences are from everywhere; From Dijon where everything started for me, to New York where I lived and played in some of the best clubs I’ve ever been in, to London for the after party culture, and Chicago & Detroit for the productions.  Then there’s Berlin for the freedom, Tokyo for the perfectionism, Sao Paulo for alternative culture and hard techno style.. the list goes on!

Jenny: How do Parisian clubs compare to British ones?

DJ W!ld: Parisian clubs are getting better but they are less crazy than the British ones and more conservative with the music style, as opposed to in the UK, where clubbers and nightclubs are really open minded .

Jenny: You’re playing at Motion in Bristol on Friday 24th April, what do you think of Bristol and the scene here?

DJ W!ld: I’ve been before and the party was great! I know the promoters well and I’m sure they’ll organise everything in the best way. The line up is amazing and the crowd I’m sure is up for it. I also have a bunch of friends coming from London! We’re gonna have a massive one…

Jenny: When your head’s not in the music, what do you like to do to relax and unwind?

DJ W!ld: Basket ball and sport for sure …that helps me to relax and focus. I also draw and paint, I used to be into graffiti and it is one of my long standing passions.

Jenny: Being a frequent DJ of the infamous DC10, what would be your most fond memory of the disused airport hanger?

DJ W!ld: Every year brings new amazing memories. My favourite though is when I was playing and the crowd sat on the dance floor for 2 minutes before exploding. It was on a track I just did with Chez Damier vocals. Wow! The reaction was so intense that it will stay imprinted in my mind forever. Difficult to explain. You have to be in DC10  to feel that energy and vibe….

Jenny: How do the crowds in Ibiza differ from that of nightclubs outside the island?

DJ W!ld: In Ibiza it’s a concentration of all the best and craziest clubbers from around the world, but you also have the crap commercial scene and all of that crowd! So you have both aspects –  and in between the really relaxed residents of the island, who always bring good vibes.

Jenny: A lot of your tracks have very naughty names. Would you describe yourself as a naughty boy?

DJ W!ld: Yes! Really naughty, with a big heart.

Jenny: You’ve previously teamed up with the likes of Chris Carrier and Guillaume La Tortue, do you have any ‘threesomes’ lined up?

DJ W!ld: Three no, but duo yes 😉  I’m back with Chris at the moment, preparing a new album done in full analog. I’m really excited about this project …

Jenny: What has the response been like since your album release last October?

DJ W!ld: Really good! Lots of great djs and magazines supported my last double album, When You Feel Me, and the remixes are coming up end of May alongside the originals. There will be remixes from Andres, Jus-ed, Chris Carrier, Dan Curtain, Honey Dijon, Italoboyz and Flashmob.

Jenny: What other future conquests do you have planned?

DJ W!ld: EPs, bootlegs ,singles and remixes are all on the way within the first half of 2015 for W, 20/20 vision, Flashmob Records, Roush, Robsoul and Pathway Traxx, and my 4th studio album due for release after the summer.

Jenny: In your opinion, what artists are not getting the recognition they deserve at the moment?

DJ W!ld: Well difficult to name them all! I’ll say there are many, because unfortunately recognition these days doesn’t mean much. Nothing is really based on anything real. The music you make marks you out as what type of producer you are, In the same way that the music you play makes you the DJ you are. If you’re good at one, doesn’t necessarily make you good at the other!

Jenny: What’s better, sex or Music?

DJ W!ld: Both at the same time!

Jenny: And finally, can we get 3 key dating tips from you, for all the hopeless chaps out there?

DJ W!ld: Be yourself, be confident and be patient!

Catch DJ W!ld at Motion, Bristol on the 24th April for Nightowl, alongside US house legend Kerri Chandler. Tickets are available here.



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