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Iconic House Dj Lil Louis Defeaned By Air Horn At Sankeys Manchester

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Lil Louis career could now be in jeopardy after an incident at Sankeys Manchester, left the Chicago house legend deafened.

Whilst running a soundcheck before going onto perform at Sankeys, Lil Louis mentioned that a manager entered the booth and within 12 inches from his ear let of a ‘very powerful Co2 cannon blaster machine’.

Leading on from this incident, Lil Louis was rushed to hospital where he was seen by many doctors before an ENT specialist diagnosed him as having SIHL (Sound Induced Hearing Loss). This is a serious condition, and the doctors are saying that this may be permanent damage.

The man, Lil  Louise referred to as an ‘idiot’ was a manager for the night ‘and should have known better.’ He goes on to say that ‘Not only did he prevent me from playing for you, he may have ended my career as a DJ and Artist’. You can read Lil Louise personal account of the incident through his Facebook Post.

Lil Louis has been recently involved in the production of the film The House That Chicago Built which aims to cover the history of Chicago House.

For a Fireside Chat and biography of Lil Louis visit the RBMA website here.


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