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The Album Leaf unveils beautiful new video for Between Waves


Returning with new material since 2010’s A Chorus of Storytellers, director Michael Raines joins LA-based ambient-psych outfit The Album Leaf to produce a ‘synth-laden walk through suburbia’.

The Album Leaf have been making their mark as soft-spoken innovators since 1999. What started as a solo project for Jimmy LaValle soon developed into a fully-fledged live band, with the focus very much on producing ambient compositions that merge electronic and instrumentation in a deeply melodic way. It is this nuanced treatment of texture, as well as their evocative landscapes that have cemented the group’s longevity

Between Waves, released this August, will mark the band’s six full-length release since 1999. The title-track and single is rhythmic and synth-driven, exposing LaValle’s voice more than in previous records. One could be mistaken for placing the song in a mainstream synth-pop category, until his sentiment unfolds with such non-confrontation – the difference between the two being that The Album Leaf does not play the card of predictability for easy-consumption, but rather crafts textures to build a harmonious environment.

The accompanying video for the title-track is largely ethereal, layering a young girl on top of textured landscapes in urban and rural environments. It speaks expansively and of themes of freedom and detachment, as we see the young girl living out her dreams as she escapes the city. Paired with delicate and textured imagery, the video compliments the beautiful hypnotism found in Between Waves and exposes its weight.

Between Waves will be released August 26th on Relapse Records. Preorders can be made here.




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