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Check Out Kasai Allstars Album Beware the Fetish

Kasai Allstars Crammed Records on Cone Magazine

Kasai Allstars are a fresh and soulful african supergroup from Kasai (a Congolese province) comprising of 25 musicians from varying other groups such as Masanka Sankayi and Basokin.

It is there affiliations with other groups from different ethnicities and cultures that define them as Allstars.

The Kasai Allstars group is a neo-culture in its own right due to the collaboration of so many styles feeding into one unique sound.

Kasai Allstars have been developing quite a following, what with their signing to Crammed Discs the label that brings us the infamous Congotronics series, and signed artists such as Konono No1 & 4Hero. It was their 2008 release ‘In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into  Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic’ that achieved them an international recognition, which then led to the release of their 2014 album and markedly shorter titled ‘Beware The Fetish’. click to stream the full album above

Their Congolese playing style is a joy to listen too, transporting you in to wild hypnotic rhythms, of powerfully energetic ensembles. Comprised of six lead vocalists, and a plethora of instruments, their distinct style has rightfully earnt them global recognition in both rock, african and electronic communities.

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