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Kanye West Works With Paul McCartney On Only One

Kanye West and Paul Mccartney One on cone magazine

Midnight of new years, Kanye posted this track to his website, entitled ‘Only One’. Featuring Sir Paul McCartney on the keyboard, it is a tribute to his daughter North West. A beautiful and sweet ode, the song features a discontinued technique of Kanyes, auto-tuning, leaving room for speculation that there could be more of this to come.

Kanye & McCartney, a seemingly well suited partnership,  had a few studio sessions together back in september 2014, recording a reported 9 tracks, of which ‘Only One’ is the only track released to date.

Kanye’ wife, Kim Kardashian wrote about the song saying “People always ask me what my favourite Kanye song is and it’s Only One. Kanye feels like his mom sang thru him to our daughter”, following that she cries every time she hears it.

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