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Legowelt Announces Upcoming EP Anaconda Flow

Legowelt on Cone magazine

Analogue synth enthusiast and veteran of weird and trippy dancefloor stompers Legowelt has announced his forthcoming EP Anaconda Flow.

He’s kindly shared with us a taste of what’s to come, in the form of new tune, Evaporate With Me 2 Infinity, on Soundcloud.

The track builds layers of fairy-tale sounds over a straight up, no nonsense techno beat. Rhythmically, it’s a bit uninteresting, but Legowelt’s strength has always been in playing around with vintage hardware to create psychedelic synth-led textures and melodies that inject some wonkiness into a dancefloor, and this is no different.

Think forest parties, dappled morning sunlight, dancefloor epiphanies.

We’re excited to hear the rest of the EP. Listen to the preview here. Anaconda Flow releases on Technicolour recordings on the 6th April.


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