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Gus Pirelli To Release First Major EP On Gutterfunk

gutterfunk gus Pirelli CF010 Cone Magazine

This June will see Bristol’s own pioneer of funk and disco Gus Pirelli step into the spotlight with his first major release. A 100% original 2 track EP which is guaranteed to get you grooving.

Gus Pirelli has been a DJ on the underground scene for many years. He’s now back in the studio alongside accomplished vocalist Andre Espeut, the combination of these two solid artists has resulted in two tracks which can’t help but make you smile. Not only are they both excellent pieces of music, they are also completely authentic. Not a single sample has been used, every sound you hear is original. All instruments are played, recorded and mixed by Gus and accompanied by Andre’s rich, soulful vocals, the result being the production of a stellar record.

The first track, Good Feeling, kicks off with a definite carnival vibe. Andre’s beautiful voice sets the pace of the track nicely, accompanied by some high pitched keys, it instantly gets the foot tapping. Gus is evidently a highly accomplished musician, the eclectic mix of instruments work together perfectly, it’s a feel good vibe from start to finish.

As enjoyable as Good Feeling is, the second track Meet In The Middle has to be my favourite. This track has a truly authentic feel, the bass-line is effortlessly funky. In my mind it sounds as though Gus has spliced Do It Any Way You Wanna by People’s Choice and Slippery People by Talking Heads. Whatever the inspiration behind the track it’s a truly enjoyable listen, and has captured the spirit of disco with apparent ease.

Gutterfunk, owned by Bristol drum & bass pioneer DJ Die, has been consistently releasing high quality music since 2011 and this is no exception. GF010 will be available digitally on the 21st June and on vinyl on the 22nd. Two dates I will be awaiting eagerly.


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