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Dorian Concept shares new track ‘Fold’, made during the recording process for ‘Joined Ends’

Dorian Concept shares new track on Cone Magazine

Viennese-born, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer Oliver Thomas Johnson, aka Dorian Concept has recently shared a track made during the recording of Joined Ends.

Since his short video uploads such as ‘Fooling around on MicroKorg‘, Dorian Concept has progressed his production output, iconically mixing the world of computer production with Instrumental improv.

Dorian Concept Joined Ends artwork on Cone Magazine

His affiliation with choppy dance breaks, utilising his prized MicroKorg in characteristically innovative ways, led to the landmark release of Trilingual Dance Sexperience. However, after the release of the Ninja Tune EP, Dorian decided to put down the MicroKorg and develop his sound. Picking up a Wurlitzer electronic piano, alongside other analogue synthesizer’s, the album Joined Ends was born, showcasing a new direction away from rigid beat-making to more compositional structures from within his keyboard capabilities.

During the recording of Joined Ends, he made Fold, which has been uploaded to Soundcloud. This track demonstrates the maturity in his production methods, using a variety of electronic textures alongside his characteristic hip hop structure.

Joined Ends is available for purchase here


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