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Aris Kindt combine lo-fi indie with electronica in haunting debut ‘Floods’

Francis Harris returns to his label Scissors & Thread with a new collaborative project alongside Gabe Hedrick, entitled Aris Kindt, whose debut album Floods is released 16 November.


The album, which takes its inspiration from a Rembrandt painting, was recorded over the course of a year with the use of two guitars, a vintage drum machine and a modular synth. It’s a beautiful, misty collection of lo-fi ambience, awash with ghostly guitar fuzz, hazy synths and softly rolling beats.


The label describes Floods as “a sonic journey into the heart of a body, a bold rejuvenation of Aris Kindt, once a mere cadaver on a cold metal slab, now a living breathing human at the heart of a creative shift in vantage point from objective to active subject.”


It’s a highly evocative and engrossing album which straddles the line between electronic music and live instrumentation, using layers of noise and found sounds to deeply moving effect. Essential listening.


Stream clips below:


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