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Yoshinori Mizutani’s series on Tokyo’s rain soaked commuters

YOSHINORI MIZUTANI rain series on Cone Magazine

Acclaimed Japanese photographer Yoshinori Mizutani has shot a beautiful series called Rain, capturing Tokyo’s commuters in a unqiue perspective.

Yoshinori Mizutani originally garnered global praise for his series Tokyo Parrots 2013, that led to the Japan Photo Award in 2013 and FOAM Talent in 2014.

Mizutani’s new series, Rain will premiere at the Webber Gallery Space, and captures Tokyo’s commuters in the rain, from a high vantage point, creating a visually compelling end result.

“I always thought of rain as something gloomy and unpleasant. One day, however, I stepped out into the city and realised how rain can alter our everyday landscape. Even the most mundane details such as wet ground and rain drops can reveal a whole new world to us if we observe them from a slightly different angle. ‘Rain’ is one of my continuing attempts to present a new perspective and interpretation towards our often overlooked daily phenomenon”. Yoshinori Mizutani

Webber Gallery Space
20th May – 21st June
London | W1T 1PE


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