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Homeless Photography Around London


Disposable cameras handed to Londons homeless in photography experiment.

A recent experiment involving London, homelessness and photography has been conducted where 100 disposable cameras were handed out with the projects idea to create a different view of London. Scattered around the city to men and women sleeping rough by the non profitable  organisation Cafe Art, the cameras were aimed to show a non conventional view of the countries capital. Out of 100 cameras handed out in July, 80 were returned with over 2500 photos developed and 20 chosen by a judging panel including representatives from FujiFilm and Amateur Photographer Magazine. The photos will now be left for the public to choose the best ones for the 2016 My London calendar.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”.  Pablo Picasso.

Art has always been seen as the main source of expressionism especially when trauma or extreme circumstances are included. The homeless were allowed to freely express themselves and their lives currently being lived within London, producing some excellent content.



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