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Daily Overview’s Stunning Photo Series

Moab, Utah By Daily Overview | Satellite images © 2015 DigitalGlobe, Inc

Daily Overview produce their beautiful photo series of how the world has been sculpted by human interaction

“From our line of sight on the earth’s surface, it’s impossible to fully appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the things we’ve constructed”

Daily Overview have given themselves a mission to help everyone back on earth to have that ‘Overview Effect’ that astronauts experience whilst in space, however at the same time creating breathtaking visual representations of areas of the world we have created and sculpted. The birds-eye-view photos created by the New York based website help to give an accurate portrayal of the impact (whether good or bad) that humans have had on the planet whilst ultimately producing fantastic pieces of art. The photo series ranges from areas such a Central Park NYC to the bays of Singapore. Fortunately the guys over at Daily Overview allowed us a small insight into their project, but to find out more of their mission be sure to check out their website and Instagram account for more incredible areal shots that help you to appreciate the worlds beauty from a whole different view.



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