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Biro illustrations on maps and letters by Mark Powell tell two stories

Yorkshire-born artist Mark Powell has produced a new series of ballpoint pen-drawn illustrations using old maps and vintage letters and envelopes as canvases.

The intricate drawings of birds and humans take between 4 hours and a month depending on the scale and ambition of the work.

Powell was quoted as saying: “I have chosen to use a biro as it is the most common tool I can find which means I can show what can be done with such things. I hope it shows what anyone can do, art supplies are not always needed to create something. I also like that fact that no mistake can be made.”

On the choice of canvas, he said “the canvases were chosen as they have a sense of history and a story, much like the faces that I choose to draw. They compliment each other and I hope leads the viewer to wonder, and maybe create, a history for the two.”

Mark Powell’s exhibition, Anthropology, is at the Hang Up Gallery, London until 10 April 2016.


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