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Anish Kapoor Dirty Corner Instagram

Anish Kapoor Dirty Corner

The sculpture artist Anish Kapoor takes to social media for his new work entitled @dirty_corner

For the past few years Instagram has played host for many amateur and professional photographers, acting as a platform to show off their glorious photos of the vegan burger they had last night or their favourite shots of foliage against a concrete building background. Instagram boasts of its 300 million users a month making it a pretty good place for exposure with more and more people using social media for professional and artistic means.

Now its seems even British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor who we first featured back in June has also taken to the smartphone app to show off his latest works, Dirty Corner. The account features a range of different photos all connecting on one theme being that they are, a dirty corner. The account comes after Kapoor’s original work entitled Dirty Corner unveiled in Versailles, France which caused quite a stir amongst right wing extremist’s in the area.

This isn’t the first time a user has started an account souly directed towards one object or idea with popular accounts such as @wet.floor.signs and @trash.cans posting daily images of their respected subject. You could sit there and think “whats the point” and you would be right. There isn’t really one. Apart from creating content which, to me, is a lot more interesting than a cleavage centred selfie even if it is on a satirical and humorous level.




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