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Speaker Cone /\ Douglas Dare talks music, love and London

Speaker Cone /\ Douglas Dare on cone magazine

This is the first in a brand new series of talks, where we chat with some of the people making an impact within the underground domain of art-form. For our first edition of Speaker Cone, we catch up with London based singer/ songwriter, and Erased Tapes member Douglas Dare to talk about music, his influences and the future.

Speaker Cone presents Douglas Dare /\ Erased Tapes

Music has never been in such abundance, with technology creating such an ease of access, whilst also enabling almost anyone with the mindset to become a producer, singer, or musician. There is much beauty to be found in this, allowing great music to follow through from some of the most inspiring artists.

“The lyrics really have to be good if you are going to write about a personal event”

Yet, the sheer volume of music readily available, makes finding an artist who resonates with us feel more like finding a needle in a haystack. And the appreciation towards deserving records that have had a lot of time and energy invested, too often get swept away in the sea of discontent.

However, organic talent, coupled with a scrupulous approach to meaningful art-form will always deserve recognition.  Douglas Dare would fall into this category.

“A lot of the music that is out there at the moment, has gone to the point where even musicians that were acoustic, have now gone all electronic.”

 His unique style of sombre, melancholy themes is something he consciously supports telling me “It is the emotion he is most drawn to and the one that he wants to explore”. Further saying, “I am really fascinated by the pain and suffering”. However speaking with Douglas you get this sense of complete wholeness. He isn’t enveloped inside these morbid themes. He has an enthusiasm which seems to seep through himself as much his music. When I asked him how he likes to spend his weekend’s he tells me, that after leaving his old 9-5pm job, “everyday is now a weekend. I go to exhibitions a lot, and record fayres. But I go to a lot of gigs. For me seeing live music is incredibly important. Almost as important as buying music or listening to it on my headphones”.

“London Is a playground. There is always something to do”

The interview then draws to a close by touching on the sensitive subject of deep love, and whether it has influenced his music in any form.  Douglas, being a true sport, addresses this rather invasive question delicately highlighting the impact our parents play in our lives. “everyone has some strong connections throughout their lives. On this next record I do think about two specific relationships along my life. I find that really inspiring and something that everyone connects with.” But his youthful wisdom remarks that “If I ever write a song about a personal event, that it respects the situation.” And there are countless examples of musicians in the past that have wound up losing so much, over distasteful breakup records.

I catch up with Douglas Dare from his room in East London, ahead of his headline tour in Bristol on the 3rd May at The Lantern. Tickets for this can be purchased here.

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