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Interview | Nicky Otter

Nicky Otter, GETME!, London, Interview on Cone Magazine

With the release of his debut EP through London underground imprint GETME! only days away now, as well as a recent performance on the ever-entertaining NTS Radio, it seemed like a great time to be catching up with Nicky Otter.

His sound, which seems to operate outside of an easily definable genre, can draw on similarities between Legowelt and a more softer version of Jimmy Edgar. But a consistent here is the effervescent energy that Nicky Otter’s productions emulates.

His recent signing to GETME! (Slime and Dam Mantle) offers him a home for his mix of ambient electronic and big club tracks. And while some producers can wait years until they get noticed, Nicky’s entrance seems a little more relenting…. “I sent demos out to the guys Formation who passed them on to Alex/Lixo who runs GETME!”. But his sound speaks for itself, and as a trained drummer, Nicky’s ear for percussion is evident when listening to title track “I can’t really explain it”. He’s able to get between the samples, creating rather complex and interesting composition.

When asked what he's trying to go for with this release, he tell's me "There wasn't really a plan at all, I've always just made shit, these tracks were with some others and Alex thought they worked well together and liked them. Yin & Yang"

As part of our running series '8-Track', we thought it would be nice for Nicky to share some of his selections with us. So Nicky, can you give us a record for when.....

1. When you’re chilling with your girl?
"haha, this or I'm trying to watch anime"

2. Getting yourself in the mood for a rave?

3. On a long car journey at 1am

"Can go full neighbourhood speed demon to this one"

4. On a flight?

5. 8am breakfast and coffee?

6. Childhood memories 

"I know it's fucking lame to pick something like this, but I heard this when I was young because it was on Fightstar's drummers' myspace page, completely fucked me up."

7. Desert Island disc?
"Or Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue".

8. Quintessential London?
"When Ollie radar radio did nights at rinse fm, he let me shadow him for a bit. I remember being in the studio at rinse for the first play of this during the Swamp 81 show, Boddika went to get the CD from his car. I was all green going red at the back losing my shit in my elasticated topman jeans when it was playing. Think this is the actual recording from that show. Big up Ollie & Sammy all day"

Thanks Nicky, so finally - what's next? "Been working on lots of music, trying to get outside more. I've got so fucking addicted to Sainsbury's Triple Chocolate Cookies, need to stop."

GME012 - I Can’t Really Explain (It)’ out 18th March 2015 on GETME! records.


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