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Cone Presents Jessica Pratt /\ 002

Cone Presents Jessica Pratt: Cone magazine

For our next instalment of the mix series, ‘Cone Presents’ Jessica Pratt; guitarist, vocalist and humble human being.

Drag City Records Jessica Pratt has been producing sweet and poetic melodies for some time now. Though being picked up by Pitchfork magazine and appearing on their TV channel for live sessions, she still manages to retain the integrity and organic approach of more undiscovered artists alike.

Recently, Cone Magazine caught up with Jessica Pratt for a discussion about her music, influences and humble beginnings. Check out the full length feature here.

Following on from our chat with Jessica, she kindly provided us with a 37 minute mixtape of some of her favourite records. These include: John Cale, Buffalo Springfield, Brian Eno, King Crimson and Pyschic TV. Check this out below…

Cone Presents Jessica Pratt /\ 002 by Cone_Magazine on Mixcloud


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