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8 Tracks – Peluché

Peluche 8 Tracks Cone Magazine

London-based alt-pop trio, Peluché, present a varied song-writing palate, whilst also trying to disregard common trends and expectations of a band just starting out.

Multilayered, unpredictable and emotive. These qualities are the building blocks of Peluché’s operation, as they draw from attachments towards the craft itself, and the freedoms it can provide.  With their debut EP, Utopia Village, being released later this month via RIP Records, we caught up with the trio to find out their 8 tracks for almost every occasion.

1. The first single I ever bought: Eiffel 65 – Blue. “Nostalgic pop at its cheesiest.”

2. My track of the moment: Time Moves Slow – Badbadnotgood. “We listened to this song a lot together when we were in Spain. The music is really relaxing and the vocals are soothing and soutful. As soon as it finishes, it makes you want to listen again!”

3. A get-out-of-bed track on a sunny day: Peaches En Regalia – Frank Zappa. “This song has loads of nice instruments coming together in a sort of magical journey, where the melodies are constantly moving forward and changing.”

4. A track that I’ve played to death: Nissan – The Gaslamp Killer. “…And still the drop is surprising, every time.”

5. A track to get me dancing: Space Carnival – The Comet Is Coming. “This is such a great song, with a rhythm that makes you want to dance!”

6. A track to take me back: Sincere – MJ Cole. “Helps you jog a little faster, helps you dance a little better. We used to get down to this at the weekend!”

7. A track I’d play at midnight on a Sunday: The Djembe – Damon Albarn & Mali Music. “This is slow and relaxing, with nice spacey percussion and bass.”

8. A track by my newest favourite artist: Rhama – Flamingods. “Flamingods are amazing live and their music is great: funky, psychedelic and innovative.”


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