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Romare announces debut A/V performance at London’s Oval Space

News of Romare on Cone Magazine

Ovation continues their already commendable track record with another forward-thinking live show from Romare, Clap! Clap! and Werkha on October 8th.

Projections, Romare’s latest work, reimagines the cultural impact of the ‘collage technique’ for a new generation of music listeners. Through the lacing together of historical African-American influences, the record delivers an arrangement of infectious swing, compelling samples, and heavy riffs. October 8th will see him forming new arrangements to these songs, as well as performing new tracks.

Joining Romare will be his former Black Acre label mate, Clap! Clap!, an Italian producer who re-produces poly-rhythms from all over the world through drum machines and synths.

Tom A Leah will also be performing a full live show under his moniker Werkha. Hailing from Manchester but traveling from a young age, the musician and producer has his roots set firmly in world music. Elements of Afrobeat, bass, house, jazz and soul fusion are all clearly apparent in his vibrant musical landscape.

Tickets are available from the Oval Space website. £7.50 for general admission.


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