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Kraftwerk To Hold New Exhibition ‘Living Archive of Electronica’

Tresor Berlin

Dimitri Hegemann has confirmed that Berlin’s Kraftwerk building is to play host to an archive dedicated to techno music.

Kraftwerk is the current home of legendary techno club Tresor and the base-venue for other initiatives including the forward thinking Berlin Atonal festival.

Hegemann, Tresor’s owner, is overseeing this new project. He initially announced his plans last autumn, referring to the concept as an ‘archive’ rather than a museum because “techno here in Berlin is still a living, vivid and inspiring movement”. He has since said that one of the main aims of  the ‘Living Archive of Electronica’ (LARE) is to “attempt to transmit the club experience to those who have never been in a techno club before”.

This year Tresor is celebrating its 25th birthday with a tour, a three day festival at Kraftwerk, and a “monumental compilation” to be released at the end of 2016. Hegemann intends for the LARE project to open this autumn, to coincide with the club’s anniversary.


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