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Alfresco Disco Celebrate Ten Years Of Parties With ‘Rave of the Decade’

Alfresco disco on Cone Magazine

If you live in Bristol and like to party, or even if you just like to party, chances are you’ve heard of Alfresco Disco.

Alfresco Disco rave of the decade

Citing their inspiration as ‘DIY sound system culture of the 90s’, the group first hit the scene holding free parties around the city. Quickly building a crowd (mostly glitter clad) they then began hosting their house and disco parties indoors, perhaps to avoid being interrupted by the fun police.

Time flies when you’re having fun and apparently it’s now been ten years since Alfresco first started out. To celebrate, they are throwing their ‘Rave of the Decade’ which, as the name suggests, promises to be a big one. Party goers are asked to come in 90s gear; think puffa coats, high pony tails and bucket hats, with the event page stating this will be their most exciting event to date.

If this years New Year party, where revellers danced their way into 2015 in a leisure centre including surprises like squash and exercise bike Pong is anything to go by, then ‘Rave of the Decade’ should not be missed.

Tickets are available here from 7pm on Monday 30th March. The party usually sells out within hours, so act quickly to avoid disappointment.


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