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A Number Of Names – Sharevari

Sharevari - A number of names

Revered as one of the first Detroit techno tracks to hit the streets, ‘Sharevari’ was born in the high school scene of the 80’s.

Capriccio Records pressed the first wax of this track in 1981 and it took off, for its futuristic digital sound characteristic of the times with similarities to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

‘Sharevari’ gets it’s name from Charivari, which was a series of high school parties held in Detroit that gained a cult following.

One night, radio DJ Charles Johnson was in the crowd at one of the parties and heard this track come on, and then convinced A Number Of Names to come and play on his radio show at WGPR.

Though only 3 writers were creditted on the album, a crowd of musicians turned up to play on the station. When Electrifying Mojo aka Charles Johnson asked the group what they called themselves, they didn’t have a name so he said why don’t you call yourself A Number Of Names.

The song was played on the station, and the response was huge. This was pretty much the beginning of techno as we know it.

Credit to ‘Chicagowax’ for bio


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