Oneohtrix Point Never Wins Cannes’ Soundtrack Award

Oneohtrix Point Never - Cone Magazine

Brooklyn-based electronic musician and composer, Oneohtrix Point Never, wins Cannes’ Soundtrack Award this year, joining Cliff Martinez (The Neon Demon), Lim Giong (The Assassin) and Howard Shore (Map to the Stars) as receivers of the award. Good Time, directed by Josh and Benny Safdie and starring Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh, is the hypnotic crime […]

Wire Magazine premiere our new documentary The Organ: A Modern Classic

The Organ: A Modern Classic documentary on cone magazine

We’re hugely proud to announce today an exclusive world premiere from Wire Magazine for our new documentary. The documentary takes a look at the world’s first synthesizer, exploring the interesting social and political forces that artists face when approaching this instrument from a contemporary standpoint. Directed by Cone founder Peter Malla, and filmed and edited by […]

Watch the trailer for our new feature documentary ‘The Organ: A Modern Classic’

The Organ a modern classic documentary by cone magazine

‘There is a movement happening’. The Organ is beginning to influence contemporary music in a rather inspiring way. Filmed at the UK’s first experimental organ festival Organ Reframed at Union Chapel, this documentary the worlds first synthesizer from its catholic roots and image. Shot on site of the UK’s first experimental organ festival, in 5K resolution and using the same cinema camera […]

Lux Aeterna Showcases Spiritual Music In Germany

Oneohtrix Point Never at Lux Aeterna

We are now halfway through the month long spiritual festival series in Hamburg, Germany. However there is still time to catch some of the magic at Lux Aeterna. According to the official website, “Lux aeterna translates as »the eternal light« and deals with the fundamental questions of humanity, bringing light, warmth and time for contemplation”. Artists will […]