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Album Review: 408 – Hot Mess

Album Release Date: March 22, 2024Genre: Alternative / Pop Punk In the words of the late great Kurt Cobain, ‘Teenage angst has paid off well,’ and no better description could be created for Orlando-based pop-punk outfit 408. Following 2022’s ‘Out Of It’ the quartet has returned with thirty-three minutes of fist pumping tunes, with track […]

Album Review: NewDad – MADRA

Album Release Date: January 26, 2024                                                                       Genre: Indie Rock / Shoegaze  It’s no secret that Ireland’s bountiful music scene is currently […]

Review: Flying Lotus – You’re Dead

Flying Lotus on Cone Magazine

Californian Flying Lotus released at the end of 2014 ‘Your Dead’, a philosophical look at the themes of mortality with a metaphysical approach to the nature of existence, especially highlighted in ‘Never Catch Me Feat Kendrick Lamar’. Lotus’ body of work tends to touch on personal themes in his life such as his first album with his […]

Richard Dawson – Nothing Important

Richard Dawson - Nothing Important|Cone Magazine

Idiosyncratic Newcastle based singer songwriter, Richard Dawson is one not to shy off the morbid realities of death in his body of work. 2011 saw the release of The Magic Bridge, utilising the themes of death and existentialism to draw listeners into the often ignored subjects of life and mortality, giving Dawson a rather inscrutable edge. […]