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8 Track: Bayonne

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The rich tapestry of musical assortments that defines Bayonne’s melodic pop makes for a refreshing listen in an age of uniformity.

Since the highly praised release of his debut record, Primitives, Austin-based Roger Sellars (a.k.a Bayonne) has been touring his monumental solo project all over the world. His rich and intricate compositions prove just how much the smallest of parts matter in forming the bigger picture or, in this case, the infectious, majestic sound. It is with each minimal melodic loop of instrumentals and vocals that Sellars creates such captivating waves of electronica on his debut.

With the recent release of his newest single, Bayonne has provided us with his 8 tracks for almost every occasion.

[ypt playlist_id=PLl_zi9NNCmox79q5I8mHM9AdKROvVrRsG]

1. The first single I ever bought: All That She Wants – Ace of Base. “When I was like 7 years old, I remember getting a cassette single of “All That she Wants” by Ace of Base. Some of the best cheesy 90s dance pop that still hangs in my Spotify rotation.”

2. My track of the moment: This Ole King – Why?This is a new song that I recently found on my Discovery Weekly playlist. I find the use of both instrumentation and the vocals very interesting and unique.”

3. A get-out-of-bed track on a sunny day: Papaya – Tenniscoats. “It’s upbeat and positive, but holds a lot of emotion as well. It’s bittersweet, which is often what I look for in a song.”

4. A track that I’ve played to death: Shriek – Wye Oak. “Whether it’s on the road, sitting with headphones before a show, or at my house, this is a song I probably won’t stop listening to consistently. I’ve played this entire record way too much actually and it still works for me.”

5. A track to get me dancing: True Thrush – Dan Deacon. “Dan Deacon makes some of the best dance music mixed with classical minimalist tendencies that I love. Every time I’ve seen him live, I find myself dancing harder than almost any other show.”

6. A track to take me back: Grey Machine – Pinback. “I remember the first day I ever heard Pinback. I was like 14 and hanging with my older sister and friends. This EP stayed with me and made Pinback one of my all time favorite bands.”

7. A track I’d play at midnight on a Sunday: Thieves in Antigua – BC Camplight. “This song has a vocal melody that makes so much sense to me. It really gives me the feels while maintaining a fun, upbeat feel. The Mariachi horn section toward the end could rock me through a good Sunday”.

8. A track by my newest favourite artist: In The Night, In The Peaceful Night – Pure Bathing Culture. “ I found this track and record when I was on my last US tour. It quickly became one of my current favourites. This song is really peaceful and serene to me and I love how it was mixed.”


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